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Integrity Aero Service

Integrity Aero Service in Oklahoma specializes in professional aircraft repair services, including aircraft inlet repair service, structural repairs, flight control surfaces, inlets, cowlings, electromechanical overhauls and aircraft accessory repair.

For over 15 years we have been providing professional aircraft services for a wide range of corporate and military owned aircraft. Whether you are needing professional repair services for your aircraft, aircraft inlet or aircraft structural repairs, Integrity Aero Service can provide the professional aviation repair services you need.

Integrity Aero has had the opportunity to work with a wide variety of aircraft. We focus on your specific needs and AOG schedules, along  with excellent customer support. We also give you a cost-effective and high-quality solution for your repair needs, anywhere in the world… and on time.

Contact us TODAY for more information on our services, and let us put our 160 years of combine aviation experience to work for you.

Quality delivered. Schedules met. Expectations exceeded.


Aircraft Repair Services

Falcon 900 After Body, Falcon 900EX After Body

Falcon 900 After Body , Falcon 900EX After Body

Part Numbers – FGFB581800A4, FGFB581800A5, FGFB581800A6, FGFB581800A7, FGFB582800A4, FGFB582800A5, FGFB582800A6, FGFB582800A7, FGFB583200A3, FGFB583200A4, FGFB583200A5, FGFB583200A6, FGFB581800D1, FGFB581800D2, FGFB582800D1, FGFB582800D2, FGFB583800D4, FGFB583800D5, FGFB583800D6


  • FAA Approved Repair Station No. I73R123Y
  • EASA Certified No. 145.5659
  • Anti-Drug Program Participant
  • Air Agency Certificate
  • Operation Specifications