challenger 350 inlet repairIntegrity Aero Service offers repair services on most Challenger, Learjet, Dassault Falcon, Gulfstream, Citation, Embraer and Textron aircraft Inlets with rentals units available for each. These services include but are not limited to:

  • Lip Skin replacement
  • Mount ring repair or replacement
  • Full Acoustic Barrel repair capabilities (Wire mesh, perforate skin, core)
  • Repair of cracking/fatigue damage of inlet barrels and bulkheads
  • Hail/Bird strike/FOD damage repair
  • Reapplication of corrosion preventative coatings and treatments
  • Polishing of leading edges
  • DER Repair capabilities
IAS Capabilities List

Repair Station # I73R123Y / EASA Certified No. 145.5659